City of Muskegon Heights Citizen Handbook


Part of understanding your community and being a good citizen means learning and adhering to local rules that impact your quality of life. This document contains rules made by our locally elected officials intended to address quality of life topics related to property maintenance, health, safety and overall welfare of our citizens and visitors.  



To help friends, neighbors, and emergency vehicles find you, all buildings are required to have address numbers posted on the building so that the numbers are visible from the street. The numbers should be at least four inches high and set on a contrasting background to make them stand out.


Residents must help maintain alleys by trimming brush, grass and picking up refuse to the center of the alley, even if it is outside fenced areas. This includes mowing and keeping them free of garbage and lawn waste.


Dogs must be licensed, and animals may not roam. Dogs must be leashed when off your property, and you must clean up after your pet at all times. Ownership of livestock, wild and exotic animals is not permitted. For more information, contact the Police Department at 231-733-8900.



Appliance disposal requires a separate sticker, which costs $4.00*. Acceptable appliances include: stove, dishwasher, microwave oven, washer, dryer, water heater, trash compactor and dehumidifier. These stickers may also be used for any other bulky household furniture such as tables, chairs, sofas, or mattresses. ALL MATTRESSES MUST BE WRAPPED IN PLASTIC. The stickers may be purchased at the Treasurer’s Office in City Hall. *Fees subject to change; contact The Treasurer’s Office at 231-733-8999.


This is required, and can help locate your bike if it’s lost or stolen. Please register your bikes with the Police Department at 231-733-8900.


Open burning of leaves and waste is not permitted. Call the Fire Department at 231-733-8890 if you see someone burning leaves or household waste.


The City of Muskegon Heights hosts two free Dumpster Days annually, typically on the 2nd and 3rd Saturdays in May. Please call The Department of Public Works at 231-739-3378 for specific dates which are set before March 1st each year.


To report a problem with garbage pickup, call the Department of Public Works (DPW) at 231-739-3378. Garbage pick-up is provided to the City of Muskegon Heights through Republic Services. If you are a new resident and need a garbage tote at your address, please call Republic Services at 1-877-698-7274.



To keep neighborhoods looking neat and avoid spilling trash, please do not overload your tote and do not put them out before 7:00 p.m. the night before garbage pickup. After tote is emptied, it is to be stored out of public view. If a tote is not taken care of, you may be ticketed. Refuse must be contained in the tote provided by Republic Services or have a bulk refuse sticker on it, or it will not be picked up.



If you have more garbage than the tote can hold, you must have a bulk refuse garbage sticker on each item (couch, extra garbage bag, etc.). Each extra article must have a sticker. We recommend that you firmly attach the sticker to the item so it does not blow off or get stolen. Stickers may be purchased for $4.00 each at the City Treasurer’s Office (231-733-8850). A note on mattresses:  Due to the possibility of bedbugs, all mattresses must be wrapped in plastic and have the sticker affixed, or they will not be picked up.


Vehicles must be licensed, operable and in good repair. The Police Department may tow inoperable or unlicensed vehicles. To report unlicensed or junk vehicle(s), call the Police Department at 231-733-8900.

LEAVES: “Leaf season” begins September 1 and ends November 30th, though leaf pickup services may continue past this date, weather permitting. Once leaf season has concluded, leaves remaining on a property with a principal structure must be removed. The enforcement period begins May 1. Call a code enforcement inspector at 231-733-8860 to report unraked leaves after May 1. Leaves in paper bags or rigid containers (such as a rubber trash can) will be picked up on your regular garbage day. Leaves in plastic bags will not be picked up, and may be ticketed by an inspector if left on the property.  Remember, you may not rake leaves into the gutter, street, or alley. It’s illegal, clogs storm drains, and creates issues during plowing season. To report a violation, contact The Department of Public Works and Utilities at 231-739-3378.


During the growing season (typically April 15 – October 15), City rules require that grass and vegetation be maintained so as not to exceed 8 INCHES IN HEIGHT. The terrace (area between the curb and sidewalk) and alley areas must also be maintained. A code enforcement inspector will take action on properties that are not maintained. They may also have weeds/grass cut at the property owner’s expense. Please keep shrubs and trees trimmed back at corners to prevent traffic hazards, and away from sidewalks for pedestrian safety. Do not put lawn clippings or leaves in the road, alley, or gutters since they may clog storm drains, which can be costly to clear out. Call The Department of Public Works and Utilities at 231-739-3378 to report dumping yard waste and/or leaves in the street.  


The City has a noise ordinance enforced by the Police Department. The ordinance deals with excessive noise at any time of day (i.e. loud car stereos, barking dogs, and other disruptive noise). Established quiet hours are from 11:00pm to 7:00am. Heavy equipment may not be operated during quiet hours. If you plan to have an event that may become noisy, please call the City Clerk’s Office at 231-733-8821 to request a special event permit. Call 911 to report a noise problem when the violation is occurring.


Cars may not be parked in the front yard unless on a paved driveway. City ordinance prohibits parking on the terrace except during the winter months, from November 1st to April 1st. There is no overnight street parking in the City of Muskegon Heights from November 1st to April 1st. If you do not have a driveway you must clear a space to park on the terrace in front of your home. Parking in alleys is not permitted, since a clear path through the alley may be needed for emergency vehicles. To report parking violations, call the Police Department at 231-733-8900.


Other Parking-related Regulations:

  • Size Limit/Screening – Recreational vehicles must be located behind the front building line of the principal structure (house) on the property and must be fully screened. They may not be stored out of a garage more than (48) hours.
  • Size Limits – No vehicle with a rated hauling capacity of (2) tons or greater shall be located on any property within any residential districts, unless the vehicle is engaged in a delivery, pick-up, or service call to the property.
  • Parking Complaints – Front yards & RVs: Call the Police Department at 231-733-8900.


  • Building Permits are needed to remodel, wire, plumb, change heating and cooling systems, construct buildings over 200 square feet, or install a pool over 24 inches deep. Contact the Building Inspection Department at 231-733-8860 to inquire about permits.
  • Development Permits are required to construct fences, sheds, small pools, to install paved parking areas, to divide parcels, or to clear land.   
  • Permits are needed to work in the public right-of-way (ROW). Permits/approval of non-existing driveway or sidewalk must also be approved prior to the City Inspector issuance of a ROW permit. The terrace area between the sidewalk and street is a public right-of-way.
  • A Special Event Permit is required for a public event held on City property; please call the City Clerk’s Office at 231-733-8821 to apply for a Special Event Permit.   
  • Changing the use of a property (i.e. from Residential to Commercial) may require a Special Use Permit. Please call the City Planning Department  at 231-733-8830 to inquire about zoning and property uses.



Continued maintenance of buildings (roof, paint, siding, porches, etc.) is the responsibility of the property owner. Fences and walls must also be kept in good repair. Any greenery, lawns, shrubbery, and other growth must be well kept and controlled at all times. All materials and property must be appropriately stored indoors or out of public view. For information on the property maintenance code, call the code enforcement inspector at 231-733-8860.


Sidewalk maintenance and repair is the responsibility of the property owner. Sidewalks should be shoveled and salted in the winter, free of overhanging shrubs or branches, and not blocked by vehicles. Of particular concern are uneven sidewalk slabs having a height difference of ¾ inch or more. These present serious hazards to pedestrians. Sidewalks that are not maintained may be cited and the City may have repair done with costs being charged to the property owner.


Property owners, occupants, or those in charge of a property must remove snow from the sidewalks within 24 hours after the cessation of a storm event. See City Code of Ordinances Chapter 74, Section 74-98 for additional information.


To report streetlight outages, contact Consumers Energy at (800) 477-5050, or visit their website at: You may also call the City’s Department of Public Works and Utilities at 231-739-3378 and they will report outages to Consumers Energy.


TERRACES (area between the street and sidewalk):  

This area must be maintained by the property owner (mowed, kept free of trash, etc.). Any trash or yard waste on the terrace must be in containers and must not be placed out until 7:00pm the night before your scheduled trash pick-up. Loose trash bags will not be picked up, unless you have placed a bulk refuse sticker on each one (stickers for purchase at the Treasurer’s Office). Items left on the terrace will be cited by a code enforcement inspector, giving the property owner/occupant 24 hours to remove the item(s). Items not removed may be picked up by the City, with costs and fees charged to the property owner.  



Items such as building materials, car parts, tires, household items, tools, appliances, dismantled machinery, scattered trash, cardboard, domestic waste, or yard waste may not be openly stored in yards. If items are not disposed of properly or properly stored (i.e. in a garage or shed), a code enforcement inspector will initiate a violation. If not taken care of by the property owner, the City may have the property cleaned at the owner’s expense and/or ticket the responsible party.   


This is picked up on your regular trash day and may not be placed at the curb until 7:00pm the night before. Yard waste pick-up typically runs from the first week of April through the first week of December, weather permitting. Yard waste (grass, leaves, and twigs) must be in paper bags or rigid containers only or the waste hauler will not pick it up. Rigid containers should be labeled “yard waste”. A code enforcement inspector will cite yard waste stored in plastic bags. Branches and sticks must be tied up with twine in manageable bundles no greater than 4 feet in length. Branches can be no more than 8 inches in diameter.  


LARGE LIMBS and TREES:  If the owner or occupant of any private property desires the assistance of the city collection service in disposing of brush and tree branches resulting from the removal of trees from private property, such owner or occupant, before removing a tree from private property, shall apply to the department of inspections for a written permit. Every such permit shall specify the city ordinances, rules and regulations to which it is subject. Trees removed from private property without a permit shall be disposed of by the owner or occupant as provided in this chapter. Direct question to the Department of Public Works and Utilities at 231-739-3378.





Water and Sewer Services are provided by the City of Muskegon Heights. You can sign up for service by contacting the Public Utilities Department at 231-733-8885 or visiting their service desk at City Hall. A picture ID is required. If a land contract is involved, you will also need proof of the registered contract.

Electric Service: Provided by Consumers Energy, (231) 727-6100,

Gas Service: Provided by DTE Energy, (800) 477-4747,

Curbside Recycling: Available through Republic Services, (800) 837-7311

Local news: Muskegon Chronicle newspaper, MLive,, (231) 722-3161 or (800) 783-3161




Mayor – Walter Watt –

Mayor Pro Tem – Andre Williams: [email protected]

Councilwoman – Bonnie McGlothin: [email protected]

Councilwoman – Kellie Kitchen: [email protected]

Councilwoman – Tamica Fox: [email protected]

Councilman – Marshal Cook: [email protected]

Councilman – Derrick Lamar Collins: [email protected]



Assessing / Property Tax 231.733.8801

This department is responsible for establishing taxable values for all properties in the city and maintaining the tax roll for all tax authorities in the City Limits of Muskegon Heights.

City Clerk 231.733.8820

Publish and post all notices, keep the City seal, records and documents of the City and of the City Council’s proceedings. Maintain records of Ordinances, Resolutions, City Codes and other City records
Administer oaths required by law and by the ordinances of the City
Conduct municipal elections and manage record storage

City Manager’s Office/Personnel 231.733.8870

  • The City Manager is appointed by the Mayor and City Council and serves as the Chief Administrative Officer. The City Manager’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Direct and supervise the administration of all departments, officers, and agencies of the City, except as otherwise provided by the City Council.
  • Prepare and submit the annual budget and capital program to the City on an annual basis.
  • Attend all City Council meetings.
  • Make recommendations to the City Council concerning affairs of the City.

Finance 231.733.8850

  • The Finance Director is under the direction and supervision of the City Manager.  The Treasurer’s office staff is under the supervision of the Finance Director.
  • The Finance Department and Treasurer’s Office receive all monies belonging to and receivable by the City and shall keep correct accounts of all receipts and expenditures, deposit all funds as the City may determine, keep and furnish detailed reports on a continuing and daily basis concerning all funds, collect and distribute all taxes and assessments as required by law and perform other such duties as may be prescribed by the laws of the State of Michigan and the City of Muskegon Heights Charter.  A chart of accounts for all revenues and expenses is maintained in accordance with the State of Michigan Uniform Chart of Accounts.  The Finance Department processes payroll for City employees and processes payments for all City invoices.
  • The Finance Department implements the adopted budget and is responsible for maintaining records and supplying schedules and reports to file the Annual Audit of the Financial Statements for the City of Muskegon Heights.




Fire Department 231.733.8890 (Non-Emergency)

The Fire Department is responsible for medical first response, fire inspections, firefighting, smoke alarm installations, and safety training in the City of Muskegon Heights. The department is a 24-hour full service fire department, please call 911 in the event of an emergency.

Income Tax Department 231.733.8812

This department is responsible for the solicitation, collection, and administration of the City of Muskegon Heights Income Tax Program. Citizens and those employed in the City Limits are responsible for filing and paying local income taxes.

Inspections 231.733.8860

The Inspections Department duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The enforcement of the State of Michigan Building, Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical Codes.
  • The enforcement of the Muskegon Heights Property Maintenance Code and all other laws, ordinances and regulations pertaining to public health and safety.
  • To adopt codes and ordinances as required by local and state
  • To inspect and certify all rental properties within the City Limits

Planning/Zoning 231.733.8830

The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for ensuring that all building and improvement projects in the City conform to the appropriate use allowable in their environment. They also draft, implement, and administer the City’s annual Community Development Block Grant allocation from the federal government, which funds housing related programs for eligible homeowners in the community.


Police Department 231.733.8900 (Non-Emergency)


The City of Muskegon Heights Police Department is a full service department which includes Patrol Officers, Command Sergeants, Detectives, Evidence Technician, Administrative Support Staff, and the Chief of Police. They are responsible for community policing, traffic control, criminal investigation, and other regulatory duties in the community. Call 911 in the event of an emergency.


Public Works and Utilities Department 231.739.3378 (After Hours Emergency Line 231.737.4130)

The City of Muskegon Heights Public Works and Utilities Department is responsible for a wide range of functions in our community. These include street maintenance, water distribution system repair and maintenance, meter reading, storm and sanitary sewer system repair and maintenance, limb and brush removal, parks maintenance, and many other external functions in the city.


Utility Billing and Service Scheduling 231.733.8885

This service office is primarily responsible for coordinating utility meter data, preparing and distributing utility bills, and scheduling technicians for various utility maintenance issues.  


Muskegon Heights Water Filtration Plant 231.780.3415

The City’s Water Filtration Plant draws its source water from Lake Michigan. This is a very desirable source of supply for the water treatment process. The Plant is a conventional treatment facility with a capacity of 25.2 million gallons per day (MGD).

The complete treatment process includes coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, and filtration to remove suspended material from the Lake Michigan water. Disinfection is achieved with the application of chlorine in the form of sodium hypochlorite. The Plant practices fluoridation in accordance with State of Michigan guidelines.

The Plant supplies potable water to the City of Muskegon Heights. The Plant staff takes great pride in producing and providing a clean, pure, and aesthetically pleasing water supply free of harmful bacteria to protect the public health. Additionally, to provide an adequate supply of water for fire protection and economic growth.




Note: Many County offices are now located in the former Baker College complex, now called Muskegon

County South Campus at 173.E. Apple Ave, between Pine and Spring Streets.

Facility   Phone   Location       .
Airport – Fly Muskegon   798-4596   99 Sinclair Drive
Animal Control   724-6008   Muskegon County Sheriff Dept.
Assessor/Equalization   724-6386   173 E. Apple, 1st floor
Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates    724-6538   173 E. Apple #210, 2nd floor
Child Protective Services    733-8281
Circuit Court    724-6251   Kobza Hall of Justice, 990 Terrace St.
County Clerk   724-6221   Kobza Hall of Justice, 990 Terrace St.
County Sheriff / Jail   724-6351   25 W. Walton Ave.
60th District Court    724-6250   Kobza Hall of Justice, 990 Terrace St.
District Court, Traffic Violations    724-6302   Kobza Hall of Justice, 990 Terrace St.
Dog Licenses (Treasurer)    724-6261   173 E Apple Ave, Suite 104
Department of Human Services    733-3700   2700 Baker St. Suite 2
Friend of the Court    724-6421   Kobza Hall of Justice, 3rd Floor
Health Department    724-6208   209 E. Apple Ave.
Heritage Landing rental   724-3100   Muskegon County CVB
Household Hazardous Waste (DPW)   724-6411   Kobza Hall of Justice, 4th Floor
Human Resources    724-6442   316 Morris St, Suite 200

MATS Bus Terminal / Greyhound         724-6420 / 724-6048 351 Morris St.

MSU Cooperative Extension   724-6361   97 E. Apple Ave.
Pound Buddies Animal Shelter   724-6500   1300 E. Keating Ave.
Probate Court   724-6241   Kobza Hall of Justice, 5th Floor
Register of Deeds    724-6271   173 E Apple Ave., Suite 301
Small Claims Court    724-6307 Kobza Hall of Justice, 2nd Floor
Landlord/Tenant Division    724-6499   Kobza Hall of Justice, 2nd Floor
Treasurer   724-6261   173 E. Apple Ave., Suite 104
Veteran’s Affairs   725-7143   165 E. Apple Avenue #201
Violations Bureau (traffic citations)   724-6302   Kobza Hall of Justice, 1st Floor




Muskegon Heights Post Office, 2517 Peck St.                       (231) 733-2434

Muskegon Post Office, 800 First St.    (231) 722-7292

Department of Environmental Quality (Grand Rapids) (616) 356-0500

Department of Natural Resources (Grand Rapids)    (616) 356-0505

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)           (877) FEMA-MAP

                                    Flood Map Information

Governor’s Office (Rick Snyder)    (517) 373-3400

Internal Revenue Service   (800) 829-3676

Secretary of State (Driver’s License, Vehicle Registrations, etc.), 1485 East Apple Ave. (888) 767-6424

Social Security Administration, 340 Morris St. (downtown)       (231) 759-2525 or  (800) 772-1213

Veterans Affairs,   (800) 827-1000

MI State Senator: Goeff Hansen (34th District)    [email protected] (517) 373-1635

MI State Representative: Terry Sabo (92nd District)    Terry [email protected]          (877) 411-3684


U.S. Congressman: Bill Huizenga (2nd District)       Grandville office (616) 570-0917 U.S. Senators: Gary Peters (202-224-6221) and Debbie Stabenow (202-224-4822)


United Way Community Access Line • Dial 2-1-1 or visit

. Facility Phone         .
Addiction Services       (800) 981-2481
Catholic Charities of West MI 726-4735
Children’s Resource Network 728-7152
Community Mental Health Services 724-1111
Every Woman’s Place 24-Hour Crisis Hotline 759-7909
Food mobile   call 2-1-1
Gambling problem   (800) 270-7117
Goodwill Industries

Hospice services

Harbor Hospice/Poppen House 728-3442
Mercy VNS   672-4663
Legal Aid of West Michigan 726-4887
Love, Inc. of Muskegon 777-3905
Meals on Wheels (AgeWell Services) 755-0434
Mediation & Restorative Services   727-6001
Mercy Health Partners – Sherman campus 672-2000
Mercy Health Partners – General campus 672-2000
Mercy Health Partners – Hackley campus 726-3511
Mercy Health Partners Life Counseling   726-3582

Michigan Online Health Directory

Mission for Area People 733-9672
MOKA Corporation

Muskegon Community Health Project 672-3201
Muskegon County Health Department 724-6208
Muskegon County Lions Helpline   744-8924
Muskegon Pregnancy Services 726-2677
Muskegon Rescue Mission 727-6090
NAACP 894-5700
Nutritional Services   755-0434
Planned Parenthood Center 724-4415
Red Cross

Salvation Army

Sacred Suds (McLaughlin Neighborhood) 728-3117
Senior Resources, an Area Agency on Aging 739-5858
Tanglewood Senior Resources 733-8699
Women’s Medical Service   773-7666



Services Organization Phone    .
Rent & Utility Assistance:   MOCAP 725-9499
Rescue Mission 727-6090
Mission for Area People 733-9672

Salvation Army 773-3284

Red Cross: Heat Bank only 726-3555

West Michigan’s Veterans Center   724-7143

Love Inc. 777-3905

Shelter: Every Woman’s Place / Webster House 759-7909
Rescue Mission 727-6090
Community enCompass 728-3117
Family Promise of the Lakeshore   747-8855
West Michigan Veteran’s Center   724-7143
Food Pantries & Clothing:   Love Inc., 2735 Apple Ave. 777-3905
Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry 722-9352
Mission for Area People 733-9672
Rescue Mission – 400 W. Laketon 727-6090
Salvation Army – 1221 Shonat 773-3284
Christ Temple Church 733-4745
West Michigan’s Veterans Center   724-7143
Transportation: Love Inc. 777-3905
Red Cross 726-3555
Hot Meals: Rescue Mission 727-6090
Mission for Area People 733-9672
AgeWell Services (Meals on Wheels) 755-0434
Other:   Dept of Human Services 733-3700
Goodwill 722-7871
Veteran’s Affairs 724-6121
Disability Connection 722-0088
Legal Aid  (888) 783-8191
Community Help: Arson Control    1-800-44-ARSON
Silent Observer (report a crime)             722-7463 Community Access Hotline (2-1-1) 733-1155   

                                                   or (877) 211-5253

Veterans Assistance Muskegon County Department of Veterans Affairs
[email protected] 724-7143


Grand Valley Annis Water Resources Institute (AWRI) 740 W. Shoreline Dr, (231) 728-3601 •  AWRI’s mission is to integrate research, education, and outreach to enhance and preserve freshwater resources.

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality • Grand Rapids district office: (616) 356-0500

Michigan Department of Natural Resources • Grand Rapids office: (616) 356-0505

Michigan State University Cooperative Extension Service    Useful educational brochures on such topics as child development, family financial planning, gardening, and youth career development and much more. Order a catalog by calling (231) 724-6361.

Muskegon County Conservation District   Information on natural resource issues including the use of natural vegetation in landscaping, control of soil erosion, and protecting water quality. For more information, call (231) 773-0008.

Muskegon Lake Watershed Partnership (MLWP)  The local, volunteer group holds informative, monthly public meetings and maintains a Facebook page with up-to-date information about Muskegon Lake water quality and fish and wildlife habitat restoration projects.  Call the WMSRDC at 231 722-7878 x 17 to be placed on the e-mail distribution list for public meeting notices and information about conservation education and hands-on stewardship opportunities. The website address is


Muskegon River Watershed Assembly (   Dedicated to the preservation, protection, restoration, and sustainable use of the Muskegon River, the land it drains, and the life it supports, through educational, scientific and conservation initiatives.

West Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission (WMSRDC)    WMSRDC provides services and manages and administers programs in homeland security, transportation planning, economic development, environmental planning, community development, local government services, and other special projects. (231) 722-7878 or  


Automobiles:    The State Bureau of Automotive Regulation, Michigan Department of State, Lansing, MI 48918 –  (800) 292-4204

Better Business Bureau of West Michigan:   (616) 774-8236 or

Contractors:    Contractors must be licensed by the State of Michigan. The State Commercial Enforcement Division handles complaints. For information on the process, call (517) 241-9202.

Educational Materials:    The Federal Consumer Information Catalog offers many low or no cost educational materials for consumers. The Consumer Action Handbook provides several useful consumer contacts. Both documents can be ordered by calling toll-free: (888) 878-3256 or via the Internet at

Finance:    State Banking Authority, Financial Institutions Bureau, Office of the Commissioner, 333 S. Capitol Avenue, Suite A, P.O. Box 30224, Lansing, MI 48909. (517) 373-3460.,4601,7-154-10555—,00.html

Insurance:   Michigan Office of Financial & Insurance Regulation, 611 West Ottawa St. 2nd Floor North, P.O. Box 30220, Lansing, MI 48933. (877) 999-6442.


Realtors:    Realtors must be licensed by the State of Michigan. The State Commercial Enforcement Division handles complaints regarding Realtors. For information on the process, call (517) 241-9202.

Securities:    Corporate, Securities & Land Development Bureau, P.O. Box 30222, 6546 Mercantile Way, Lansing, MI 48909 (517) 241-6370.

Seniors:   Legal Hotline for Older Michiganians (800) 347-5297.  

Tenant rights:    The State of Michigan has made available a handy booklet called “A Practical Guide for

Tenants and Landlords” which can be found online at

Publications/tenantlandlord.pdf. Copies may also be available from the Building Safety Department in City Hall (room 201). In addition, Muskegon’s 60th District Court has a Tenant/Landlord division, phone 7246499.

Utilities:    Public Service Commission, 6545 Mercantile Way, Suite 7, P.O. Box 30221. Lansing, MI 48909, Phone (800) 292-9555

Weights and Measures:    Department of Agriculture, Food and Dairy Division, Ottawa Building, 4th Floor, P.O. Box 30212, Lansing, MI 48909 Toll-free: (877) 765-8388


Abandoned/Unlicensed automobiles/boats – Muskegon Heights Police Department, 231-733-8900

Absentee ballots – City Clerk, 231-733-8820

Accounts payable – Finance/Treasurer, 231-733-8850

Accounts receivable – Finance/Treasurer, 231-733-8850

Alleys, plowing/grading/dust control – Department of Public Works and Utilities, 231-739-3378


  • Animal Control, 724-6008 (thru Muskegon County)
  • Dead animal in the street – Muskegon Heights Department of Public Works, 231-739-3378
  • Dog feces (excessive) –Code Enforcement, 231-733-8860
  • Noise/barking – Muskegon Heights Police, 231-733-8900

Bankruptcy claims filed for the city – Treasurer/Income Tax, 231-733-8812

Bicycle registrations – Police Department, 231-733-8900

Bid openings – City Clerk, 231-733-8820

Birth Certificate – County Clerk, 724-6538

Board-up of dangerous buildings – Inspections, 231-733-8860

Brush, limbs disposal (from public property) – Department of Public Works/Utilities, 231-739-3378

Budget – Finance/Treasurer, 231-733-8850

Budget administration – Manager’s Office, 231-733-8870

Building permits– Inspections, 231-733-8860

Burning regulations – Fire Department, 231-733-8890

Business registration – City Clerk, 231-733-8820

Cemetery maintenance – Department of Public Works and Utilities, 231-739-3378

Census – Planning and Community Development, 231-733-8834

Child support – County Friend of the Court, 724-6421

Citizen insurance claims – City Manager’s Office, 231-733-8870

Citizens Police Academy – Police Department, 231-733-8900

City bond issue information – Finance/Treasurer, 231-733-8850

City calendar – City Clerk, 231-733-8820

City Council contacts – City Manager’s Office, 231-733-8870

City Council meeting schedules & agendas – City Clerk, 231-733-8820

City Employee training & development – City Manager’s Office, 231-733-8870

City Ordinances – City Clerk, 231-733-8870

City Policy – City Clerk, 231-733-8870

City/state/federal relations – City Manager’s Office, 231-733-8870

Civil Service rules and regulations – Civil Service (Muskegon County), 724-6442

Community based organization grants – City Manager’s Office, 231-733-8870

Community policing program – Police Department, 231-733-8900

Contract compliance/wage rates for contracts – Finance/Treasurer, 231-733-8850

Damage claim (City-related) – City Manager’s Office, 231-733-8870

Deeds – Muskegon County Register of Deeds, 724-6271

Debris/glass in street – Department of Public Works and Utilities, 231-739-3378

Development plan review – Planning and Community Development, 231-733-8834


Driveway changes (new drives) – Planning/Zoning, 231-733-8834

Driveway approach permits – Planning/Zoning, 231-733-8834

Dump facility – Muskegon County Solid Waste, 724-6001

Economic and industrial development – City Manager’s Office, 231-733-8870

Elderly/Disabled public housing – Housing Commission, 231-733-2033

Elections – City Clerk, 231-733-8820

Electrical permits – Building Inspection Services, 231-733-8860

Employer income tax withholding registration – Income Tax, 231-733-8812

Employment opportunities – City Manager’s Office, 231-733-8870

Encroachments (in the City Right-of-way) – Department of Public Works/Utilities, 231-739-3378

Environmental resources – see page 15

Event information on City property – City Clerk, 231-733-8820

Family public housing – Housing Commission, 231-733-2033

Farmers Market – Planning/Community Development, 231-733-8834

Fence regulations – Planning/Zoning, 231-733-8834

Firearms registration – Police Department, 231-733-8900

Flea Market – Planning/Community Development 231-733-8834

Flooding (Basement/Street) – Department of Public Works/Utilities, 231-739-3378, 231-737-2680

Garbage collection – Republic Services/Allied Waste, 1-877-698-7274

Garbage collection, missed pick-ups – Department of Public Works, 231-739-3378

General city administration – City Manager’s Office, 231-733-8870

Graffiti – Department of Public Works/Utilities, 231-739-3378

Grass (not being mowed) – Code Enforcement, 231-733-8860

Gun Permits — Police Department, 231-733-8900

Hazardous material leaks & spills – Fire Department, 231-733-8890 (call 911 in an emergency)

Health & Human Services – see pages 13 & 14

Historic city records – City Clerk, 231-733-8820

House moves/sales – Building Inspection Services, 231-733-8860

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal – Muskegon County, 724-6001

Housing & building inspections – Inspections Department, 231-733-8860

Housing Board of Appeals – Planning, 231-733-8834

Housing rehabilitation (Owner occupied) – Planning/Community Development, 231-733-8834

Income tax forms, info and payments – Income Tax, 231-733-8812

Industrial facilities certificates – Inspections, 231-733-8860

Infrastructure building (streets, water, sewer construction) – Engineering, 231-733-

Infrastructure (streets, water, sewer) – Department of Public Works/Utilities, 231-739-3378

Labor relations, city policy – City Manager’s Office, 231-733-8870

Land use policy – Planning/Zoning, 231-733-8834

Leaf collection – Department of Public Works/Utilities, 231-739-3378

Leaf complaints (unraked leaves in yards) –Code Enforcement, 231-733-8860

Legal descriptions of property – County Equalization, 724-6386

Licensing (e.g., business, liquor) – City Clerk, 231-733-8820

Liquor Licenses (in the City limits) – Police Department or Michigan Liquor Control Commission

     231-733-8900 or

Lot sizes & dimensions of lots – Planning/Zoning, 231-733-8834 or County Equalization, 724-6386

Lot split approval – Planning, 231-733-8834

Low income rental assistance, Section 8 – Housing Commission, 231-733-2033

Maps and aerial photos, city – Muskegon County GIS, 231-724-4458

Maps, county – Muskegon County GIS, 231-724-4458

Master Plan – Planning/Community Development, 231-733-8834

Mechanical permits –Inspections Department, 231-733-8860

Moving (traffic) violations – Police Department, 231-733-8900

Neighborhood land use planning – Planning, 231-733-8834

Notary public – City Clerk, 231-733-8820

Ownership information (property) – County Equalization, 724-6386

Park shelter rental – City Clerk, 231-733-8820

Parking complaints – Police Department, 231-733-8900

Parking tickets — Police Department, 231-733-8900

Permits (building: remodeling & new) –Inspections Department, 231-733-8860

Permits (dances, transient vendors) – City Clerk, 231-733-8820

Permits (fence, shed, pool, paved parking areas) – Planning, 231-733-8834

Petitions (e.g., nominating, initiative & referendum) – City Clerk, 231-733-8820

Picnic shelter reservations (private parties) – City Clerk, 231-733-8820

Plumbing permits –Inspections Department, 231-733-8860

Pothole and road shoulder repair – Department of Public Works, 231-739-3378

Property sales (City land) – City Manager’s Office, 231-733-8870

Property values – County Equalization, 231-724-6386


  • Shoreline Recycling – (231) 724-6081
  • Allied Waste – (877) 698-9274

Rehab grants – Planning/Community Development, 231-733-8834

Rental unit registration –Inspections Department, 231-733-8860

Senior Resources – see page 13, or call 2-1-1

Sewer back-up – Department of Public Works/Utilities, 231-739-3378

Shoveling Complaints (snow): Shoveling/snow-blowing snow into street, DPW 231-739-3378

     Sidewalks not shoveled, Code Enforcement, 231-733-8860

Sidewalk permits – Department of Public Works/Utilities, 231-739-3378

Snowplowing and salting – Department of Public Works/Utilities, 231-739-3378

Soil erosion or excavating permits – Engineering, 231-733-8885

Special assessments (development) – City Manager’s Office, 231-733-8870

Special assessments (payments) – Treasurer, 231-733-8850

Special Event Permits (public events) – City Clerk, 231-733-8820

Special Use Permits – Planning/Zoning, 231-733-8834

Storm drain repair/cleaning – Department of Public Works/Utilities, 231-739-3378

Street lights out – Consumer’s Energy, (800) 477-5050

Street signs – Department of Public Works/Utilities, 231-739-3378

Street sweeping – Department of Public Works/Utilities, 231-739-3378

Streets grading/dust control – Department of Public Works/Utilities, 231-739-3378

Stump removal (public property) – Department of Public Works/Utilities, 231-739-3378

Tax abatements for industries – Muskegon Area First, 231-722-3751

Taxes (real/personal/specific) – Treasurer, 231-733-8850

Taxes (delinquent real property) – Muskegon County Treasurer, 231-724-6261

Tree limbs on city property – Department of Public Works/Utilities, 231-739-3378

Traffic complaints and accident reports – Police Department, 231-733-8900

Traffic control devices/barricades – Department of Public Works/Utilities, 231-739-3378

Traffic counts – West MI Shoreline Regional Development Commission,

Traffic lights/signals – Department of Public Works/Utilities, 231-739-3378

Trash on porches –Code Enforcement, 231-733-8860

Tree removal/trimming (on public lands) – Department of Public Works/Utilities, 231-739-3378

Turn-off (water) for repairs – Utility Billing Department, 231-733-8885

Utility location information (water and sewer lines) – Engineering, 231-733-8885

Utility payments (water) – Finance/Treasurer, 231-733-8850

Vacant Building Registration – Inspections Department, 231-733-8860

Vacating streets & alleys – Planning/Zoning, 231-733-8834

Veterans Assistance – Muskegon County Veterans Center, 231-724-7143

Vinyl siding program – Planning/Community Development, 231-733-8834

Voter poll training of workers – City Clerk, 231-733-8820

Voter registration – City Clerk, 231-733-8820

Water & sewer bill non-payment shut-off & turn-on – Utility Billing, 231-733-8885

Water & sewer connection permits – Utility Billing, 231-733-8885

Water & sewer service initiation & discontinuation – Water & Sewer Billing, 231-733-8885

Water main break – Department of Public Works/Utilities, 231-739-3378

Water meter installation/problems – Department of Public Works/Utilities, 231-739-3378

Water pressure issues – Department of Public Works/Utilities, 231-739-3378

Water quality – Water Filtration, 231-780-3415

Water treatment – Water Filtration, 231-780-3415

Water/sewer bills – Treasurer, 231-733-8850

Water/sewer main & service locations – Department of Public Works/Utilities, 231-739-3378

Water/sewer service installation – Department of Public Works/Utilities, 231-739-3378

Weapons (permits) – Police Department, 231-733-8900

West Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission (WMSRDC), 231-722-7878

Work within City right-of-way, including sidewalks– Engineering, 231-733-8885

Yard Maintenance (grass, leaves, trash) –Code Enforcement, 231-733-8860

Yard Signs – Inspections, 231-733-8860

Yard Waste Collection (leaves, brush) – Department of Public Works/Utilties, 231-739-3378

Zoning ordinance & amendments – Planning/Zoning, 231-733-8834

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