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Press Release: Major road closure for construction and beautification ($2.8M)

For more Information Contact: Doug Kadzban, Director of Public Works, at 231-332-6762 or at

The City of Muskegon Heights will be closing Sherman Boulevard from Glade Street to Getty Street for roadway and beautification improvements Monday, June 1, 2020. The improvements have a scheduled completion date of October 1, 2020. The project is intended to resurface all 5 lanes of Sherman between Glade on the west end of the City to Getty on the east end. Also, some water main improvements will be done at several intersections, drainage improvements, specifically at 9th Street and Reynolds Street, some deep sanitary sewer manhole replacements new sidewalk ramps at intersections between Glade and Peck Streets. Some beautification improvements will also be considered. During this road closure local traffic to businesses and residences will be maintained.

The projected timeline for intersection improvements is as follows:

  • Temple Street – June 2 to June 4
  • Park Street – June 4 to June 10
  • 9th Street – June 10 to June 25
  • 8th Street – June 25 to July 8
  • 7th Street – July 8 to July 17
  • 6th Street – July 17 to July 22
  • 5th Street – July 22 to July 27
  • Peck Street – July 27 to August 6
  • Maffett Street – August 6 to August 11
  • Baker Street – August 11 to August 18*
  • Leahy Street – August 18 to August 27*
    • NOTE: Baker & Leahy will likely both be closed together with bypass pumping of sewer to Hoyt and this will affect Hoyt intersection as well.
  • Reynolds Street – August 27 to Sept 4+
  • Howden Street – Sept 4 to Sept 14+
    • NOTE: Reynolds & Baker will likely both be closed together with bypass pumping of sewer to Hoyt and this will affect Hoyt intersection as well.
  • McIlwraith Street – Sept 14 to Sept 17

Once intersection work is near completion, the entire road surface will be milled down approximately 2 inches in late August and the paving and restoration will take place in mid-to-late September.

Prein & Newhof (PN) Engineering is the consulting firm for the project. As such, PN has created a web page for the project that will be updated on a weekly basis. Here is a link to the interactive website providing closure information

A detour route will be posted using Getty Street, Laketon Avenue and Seaway Drive, and traffic is encouraged to follow the posted detour route. The road is closed to through traffic, however residences are expected to have access to their residences.

The work is weather dependent.
“As we set our sights on the New and Greater Muskegon Heights, we like to thank all parties for the work done in securing the state grant that is making this project possible. This is a testament to the big things our little community has underway. However, because the project is still not completely funded, we are still seeking the remaining funding to fully complete the project as designed.” For information concerning the funding effort for this project, please contact us at

adminPress Release: Major road closure for construction and beautification ($2.8M)
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Notice: City of Muskegon Heights Electronic City Council Meeting Monday, March 23, 2020 5:30 p.m.



Monday, March 23, 2020

5:30 p.m. at

Electronically on the City of Muskegon Heights Government Facebook Page

Reason for Electronic Meeting

In accordance with the state and national directives, to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, protect the public health, and provide essential protections to vulnerable persons, it is crucial that all persons take steps to limit in-person contact. Paramount among these mitigation measures are the practices of social distancing and limiting the number of people interacting at public gatherings.  Titled, “Temporary authorization of remote participation in public meetings and hearings and temporary relief from monthly meeting requirements for school boards”, Executive Order 2020-15, was signed On March 18, 2020 by Governor Whitmer.  However, the City of Muskegon Heights must continue to conduct public business during this emergency.  This includes actions to respond to COVID-19, yet the general public must still be able to exercise their right to participate in government decision making without unduly inhibiting or compromising public health, safety, and welfare. To do so while yet complying with CDC recommendations, City Council meeting will solely be held remotely and electronically, until further notice.

Public Participation Instructions 

Members of the public may view the meeting live on the City of Muskegon Heights Government Facebook page at the link below. Members of the public may submit comments to be read aloud by the City Clerk during public comment by sending an email (including your full name and address) in advance of the meeting to or during the public comment portion of the meeting by submitting your full name, address, and comment on the Facebook live stream.  If you are participating by phone and have note emailed your comments in advance, there will be an opportunity at the beginning of the meeting when the meeting organizer will solicit from the callers on the phone to see if anyone would like to comment.  At that time, you will have an opportunity to provide your name and address, and at the appropriate time for public comment you will be called upon by name and address to provide your comments.  Comments should be limited to a minute and a half of reading material.

The meeting can be accessed, live for viewing only, at the website address:

The meeting can be joined by phone for 2-way Telephonic participation at 

+1-408-418-9388 and when prompted dial 290197992# when prompted again dial #

The meeting can be accessed for 2-way Video Conference participation at 

Join the Video Meeting Click Here or send an email to to receive an invite link via your email.

Public Input and Questions on Business Before the Council 

Members of the public may contact the City Council to provide input or ask questions on any business that will come before the City Council by e-mail at 

Persons with Disabilities Participation Instructions:

The City of Muskegon Heights will work to provide necessary reasonable auxiliary aids and services, such as signers for the hearing impaired and audio tapes of printed materials being considered at the meeting, to individuals with disabilities who want to electronically attend the meeting with eight (8) hours’ notice to the City of Muskegon Heights.  Individuals with disabilities requiring reasonable accommodations, auxiliary aids or services should contact the City of Muskegon Heights by e-mailing or calling the following:

Sharon Gibbs,

City Clerk


(231) 733-8999

Date: March 22, 2020

adminNotice: City of Muskegon Heights Electronic City Council Meeting Monday, March 23, 2020 5:30 p.m.
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