Under the State of Emergency Declaration, the appropriate City staff have been empowered to enforce
compliance of the 6’ Social Distancing Practice.

Those establishments deemed to be essential may continue to operate, however they must take specific precautions to protect the health and welfare of their employees and the public. Thus, steps must be taken to space customers in the ordering queues to a minimum of 6 feet apart.

As an alternative, you can elect to conduct your business as drive-up or curbside, only.

  • Many businesses have elected to forbid customers from entering the establishment by taking all orders via phone, internet or curbside order taker, and then delivering the items directly to the vehicle by setting the items in the back seat of the vehicle so as to minimize contact between staff and customer.
  • Staff interacting with customers should have personal protective equipment and any tools (e.g. pens, pencils, and signature pads) used for the transaction should be sterilized (e.g. dropped in a bucket and then wiped down/sanitized by separate employee or using different gloves) between transactions.
  • If payment cannot be accomplished by phone or internet, then no contact exchange should be attempted via drop and pickup from passenger side or placement under windshield wiper.
  • To the extent possible all passengers should remain in the vehicle when the staff member is providing exchanges.

If, as a business, you fail to achieve sufficient separation of customers as the examples above described, then you will be forced to suspend service until the process is corrected.
If the process is restarted and still fails to achieve the required level of safety for transactions and interactions, then in the interest of public health your business will be shut down until further notice.
This notice empowers the City Office of Inspections, the Fire Department, and the Police Department to enforce the provisions herein described.